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Dance Class Tuition Rates & Fee Schedule


At The Dance & Fitness Studio, we believe in "Providing students of all ages the skills to enjoy dance and fitness for a lifetime." We want to provide this service regardless of a family's financial status. To make dance available to everyone, the studio offers multiple opportunities for reduced or absolved tuition. These opportunities range from helping with studio maintenance, cleaning, sewing costumes, and trading for services or products, among other things. Please fill out our  tuition assistance application form if you are interested and a member of our staff will contact you.


Tuition includes:


*10% off all dancewear purchased or ordered through the studio

*Costumes at no cost for our annual recitals – one in December and one in June

*Tickets to the recital

*All other recital fees


Base Rates* are:

$48 per month for a 30 minute class once a week

$62 per month for a 40 minute class once a week

$68 per month for a 45 minute class once a week

$70 per month for a 50 minute class once a week

$74 per month for a 55 minute class once a week

$76 per month for a 60 minute class once a week

$85 per month for a 75 minute class once a week

$89 per month for ab 80 minute class once a week


There is a 10% discount for additional classes or additional family members.


*Base rates reflect a $5/moth discount for choosing auto payments.




Multiple classes and multiple people in a family receive 10% discounts. Discounts will be reflected after registration is received.






Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, not on a class by class basis. Most months have four classes, but some months will have five classes. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of how many classes there are in a month. 






 A one-time, non-refundable fee of $30 is required at time of registration. (The 2nd student in a family pays $25 registration fee; the 3rd student pays $20.) This fee must be received before a student is considered registered for a class. As long as a student remains registered, this fee is not paid again. If a student does not register for the next session before the current session is over, the registration fee must be paid when the student re-registers




Payment of Fees:

Tuition is to be paid by automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or by debit or credit card. Registration fees will be processed at the time of registration. This holds your spot in class. Tuition will be processed on the 5th of the month, unless registration occurs after the 5th, in which case, it will process immediately. Future tuition fees will be posted to accounts at the end of the month. One may log in to the parent portal and pay fees any time before the 5th of the month if they wish. On the 5th, unpaid tuition will automatically be billed to the bank account or card on file. If tuition is paid monthly by check, first and last month’s tuition must be paid at time of registration. If one would like to set up a later date for automatic tuition to process, please contact the studio directly.


Late Registration:

The Dance Studio accepts new students year around as long as there is room in the class. Tuition may be prorated for students joining after the first class of the month. 

Withdrawals and Refunds:


A thirty-day written notice via withdraw form is required to discontinue any classes.  To withdraw from classes, a parent or adult student must:


1. Inform the school, and


2. Complete and sign this  withdrawal form.


After the thirty-day period, automatic withdrawal will be discontinued.


Refunds and Make-Up Classes:


Missed dance classes may be made up within one month of the missed lesson, as long as the Studio is informed before class that the student will be absent. No refunds will be given. Please contact the School for a dance make-up class schedule.

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