UPDATED 5/27/21. Please let us know if you have any questions. This page will be updated to address questions as they come up, or to update policies as they evolve.



Parents, Siblings, Etc.
Additional measures
What about MASKS?
Class Size Limits

What if there's another shutdown?

What if my dancer isn't comfortable?




The health and safety of our staff and students is, as always, especially important to us. We have listed out below all of the recommendations we will be following to ensure impeccable cleanliness, social distancing and the protection of those that are most vulnerable in our community. Of course, if anyone does not feel comfortable coming into the studio, they are certainly not required to do so.

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What is the safety protocol?


All teachers and staff will wash their hands upon entering the studio. If they feel ill, they will be asked to stay home. All teachers and staff will practice social distancing while at the studio. Following each class, teachers will sanitize the room (including door handles, the barre, etc.), and wash their hands. Practice sessions will be scheduled in such a way so that they do not overlap to allow for safe entering/exiting and sanitation. Focus for class will be on warm up, technique and recital practice.


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Dancers will not come to class if they have a temperature, are displaying symptoms of sickness (actually, this was our policy pre-COVID, too). Dancers should also refrain from class if they know they have been exposed to someone with COVID in the last 14 days. Dancers should be supervised by a parent or guardian until they enter the studio. Upon entering, dancers will sanitize their hands and head directly to class. (Please be dressed in appropriate dance clothes so as to minimize the use of the dressing room). Dancers should bring their own water bottle with their name on it. Any water bottles left at the studio will be thrown away at the end of the day for sanitary reasons.


Most classes have an average of 5-8 dancers (see more info below),which leaves plenty of room for physical distancing. Shared props will not be used.


Windows will also be open as recommended to increase air flow in the studio and lobby unless the air conditioner needs to be operating.


Dancers will be dismissed while maintaining social distancing. Please pick up your dancer promptly so that we can prepare for the next class.


Dancer Checklist:


    *Use the bathroom at home before heading to the studio when possible

    *Wait outside in car or on tape until lobby is opened/previous class leaves

    *Wear dance clothes

    *Bring a water bottle

    *Wash hands or apply hand sanitizer (provided) upon entering the building and head straight to class

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Parents, Siblings, Etc.

Our lobby will remain closed for now to mitigate the amount of germs introduced into our facility. Please remain outside the building if possible. Parents of young dancers will be permitted to enter the lobby in order to help their dancer get ready to enter the classroom, then asked to wait outside for the duration of rehearsal. We ask that you help us limit the number of people in the lobby to no more than 5 at a time. Members may log in here to view class via zoom. Please inform the instructor if you plan to join the meeting.

Parent/sibling Checklist:


    *Remain outside the building if possible.

    *Continue to call or email with any questions/concerns

    *Pick up your dancer at the appropriate time

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Additional measures:


The studio is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every day. In between each class, touch points will be sanitized. An Ozone Air Purifier from Alpine Air Technologies will be run for 10 minutes in the empty classroom to sanitize and purify the air. Restrooms will be sanitized after each use. The door handles, faucets, light switch and toilet will be cleaned by an employee every time the restroom is used. The studio will be sanitized in between each group of students.


Please talk to your students about keeping their hands to themselves at the studio. Remind them that they won’t be holding hands with or hugging their friends or their teachers. This can be a hard concept for children and it will help if you prepare them ahead of time.

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What about masks?

We have never been a fan of students wearing masks while dancing.  There is extensive research that shows it is detrimental. We understand there is a lot of controversy regarding mask wearing. This is our studio's official stance on masks:


 Basically, we ask that students who are able, to wear a mask as they enter the lobby. They should keep it on while they’re changing shoes, chatting before class starts, etc. We encourage them to also give a good effort to keep it on while they are dancing and exercising, but to listen to their bodies and take it off when needed, as students are physically distanced once in the classroom. After we have cooled down and are ready to leave the classroom they should put it back on until they are outdoors/physically distanced again. Instructors will be doing the same as we ask of the students. We believe this is staying within the spirit of the mask rules but also protecting individual health concerns, and falling in line with what other fitness centers in our area are asking of their clients.

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Class Size Limits

To stay within the current COVID guidelines and to maintain physical distancing, class sizes will be strictly limited. Our pre-dance classes and classes with younger students who may have trouble with the concept of staying in their own space and distancing will be limited to 6 students. The limit in our older classes, and classes where students can maintain distance will be 7-8 students, depending on the class. Class size limits are posted in the class descriptions on the "classes" tab.

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In the Event of another "Shutdown"

It is the goal of the faculty and staff at The Dance & Fitness Studio to conduct in-person dance classes. We are optimistic that with proper safety precautions listed above we will be able to continue operating  our business. If a registered student does not feel comfortable attending class (based on current social situations, possible exposure, etc), we will make every effort to ZOOM their class so they can participate from home. In the event of a complete shutdown, the studio will evaluate if it is in the best interest of the students to temporarily move solely to an on-line format (Zoom, for example) or to suspend classes for a time. If classes are temporarily suspended, tuition will not be collected. Make up classes will be offered if the studio must close, though no refunds will be given.

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But what if my dancer isn’t ready/comfortable?


If for any reason you are not comfortable or confident in these safety measures, please keep your child home. The following families should keep their dancer home for class:


    *Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason at this time

    *Anyone with a dancer or family member that feels ill

   *Anyone living with an immunocompromised family member

    *Anyone living or interacting with elderly people on a regular basis

Private lessons are available to students who would prefer to not enter a group lesson format at this time. Or please contact the studio for online, or zoom classes.

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