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(Ages 10 to Adult)

This new class will focus on popular lyrical and contemporary dance styles. Modern is a beautiful style of dance which emphasizes expression, story telling, and the use of imagery. Because Modern builds on ballet techniques, students should be enrolled in an additional ballet technique class, unless by consent of the instructor.

In Person Classes

At The Dance & Fitness Studio, we believe in "Providing students of all ages the skills to enjoy dance and fitness for a lifetime." We want to provide this service regardless of a family's financial status. To make dance available to everyone, the studio offers multiple opportunities for reduced or absolved tuition. These opportunities range from helping with studio maintenance, cleaning, sewing costumes, and trading for services or products, among other things. Please fill out our  tuition assistance application form if you are interested and a member of our staff will contact you.

Musical Theater

(Ages 8  to Adult)

Drawing from jazz and tap and ballet technique, this class focuses on choreography for musical theater. It is highly recommended that dancers also be enrolled in a technique class.

In Person Classes
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