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Wiggles & Giggles

There is no substitute for an in-person class

with a live instructor


But while we can't gather together, we at The Dance & Fitness Studio want to make sure that you have enough supplemental material to continue dancing through this quarantine.

You may watch the videos as may times as you wish-- it's like being able to take unlimited classes throughout the week!

We encourage you to invite your family (siblings, parents, dogs, etc) to participate with you in your virtual classes.

If you have any specific questions for your instructor, please e-mail us and we will address them!

At this time, all class videos are available to all studio members, so feel free to check out other classes!

(Click the button below; the password is DanceOnline2020)

Week of 04/20/20 Dance Class!
Week of 04/13/20 Dance Class!
Week of 04/06/20 Dance Class!
Week of 03/30/20 Dance Class!
Puppies Dance!
03/23/20 Curtain Call Choreography
*We don't expect your cuties to be able to do this choreography -- certainly not perfectly. Just as in class, you will help them do it; or hold them while you do it!
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